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New World Record!
21 August 1999 at 07037 UTC. KH6HME ( BK29go ) and W1LP/mm ( DL51ce two grids South of Cabo San Lucas! ) established a 2 way SSB QSO on 144.170mhz.
Distance = 2954 miles or 4754 km ....a new world record.....!!

Dayton Hamvention's 1999 Special Achievement Award:
Winner Paul D. Lieb, KH6HME, of Hilo, Hawaii, was cited for "his pioneering and record-setting work in tropospheric ducting and VHF, UHF and microwave communications." Lieb is an ARRL life member. The award winners were announced March 1. The awards will be presented at the 1999 Dayton Hamvention banquet May 15.--Dayton Hamvention.

Listen to Real Audio files of the various KH6HME beacons. If you dont have Real Audio you can download it here.

KH6HME Beacon's
  • 50.061 mhz.Real Audio file
  • 144.170 mhz.Real Audio file
  • 432.075 mhz.Real Audio file
  • 1296 mhz.
  • 10368.350 Mhz.

  • KH6HI Beacon
  • 50.065 Mhz.

  • KH7R Beacon
  • 144.184 Mhz. +/.

  • Hawaii State
    grid square map


    In Memory of Robert Cook ( W6PJA )

    The first Amateur Radio operator to keep an up to date data base of Hawai'i to California openings from 1979 to 1986.

    KH6HME Hawaii Beacon History.

    The KH6HME beacons are located on the slopes of the Mauna Loa volcano at an elevation of 8200' , with the exception of the 6 meter beacon which is located in lower Puna in the Hawaiian Beaches Subdivision on the Big Island of Hawai'i.

    Xverters The first beacon started operating on 432.075 Mhz. in April 1979. In 1980 the 1296 Mhz. beacon was activated. In 1981 the 144.170 Mhz. beacon started sending it's signals to the Mainland West Coast of the United States. There is also a 10 Ghz. beacon which is turned on when conditions are favorable.

    Loop antennas The drive to the beacon site takes about 3 hours. Listen for the beacon(s) to stop keying , then you will know he is there. KH6HME will be operating on the beacon frequencies using CW or SSB , NOT THE STANDARD CALLING FREQUENCIES OF 144.200 Mhz. OR 432.100 Mhz.

    KH6HME World Tropo Ducting Distance Records

    Date: July 15,1989
    Station: XE2GXQ (N6XQ)
    Location: 29-59-30 N. ... 115-46-30 W.
    Bands: 220 mhz., 432 mhz., 1296 mhz.
    Distance: 2579.690 Miles ... 4151.609 Km.
    July '94,July '91
    Station: N6CA
    Location: 33-43-45 N. ... 118-22-30 W.
    Band: 2304, 3456, 5760 Mhz.
    Distance: 2474.476 Mi. ... 3982.283 Km.
    21 August 1999 *** NEW World Record
    Station: W1LP/mm
    Location: DL51ce
    Band: 144 Mhz.
    Distance: 2954 Mi. ... 4754 Km.
    July 1995
    Station: N6XQ
    Location: 35-43-45 N. ... 117-14-50 W.
    Band: 902 Mhz.
    Distance: 2523.369 Mi. ... 4060.969 Km.